Piaget Replica Watches Video. A new flagship in Tokyo

— Enter the new Giza boutique and discover the magic of Piaget’s high jewelry and Swiss replica watches collections.

The Ginza boutique reflects replica Piaget‘s challenging spirit and unrivaled craftsmanship as well as creativity in its elegant and bold atmosphere. Passing through the entrance hall reminiscent of a private salon, customers are welcomed by jewelry and cheap replica watches displayed in the windows in a space coordinated around black and white colors. A chandelier with a Piaget Rose motif, one of the Maison’s iconic collections, hangs from the ceiling and brilliantly lights up the interior of the boutique. Ginza is the fourth boutique in the world to implement this iconic Rose chandelier.

On the first floor, there is an area for jewelry and fake watches as well as bridal collection, where the latest creations can be enjoyed. The second floor has a VIP salon and a space where customers can take a closer look at Piaget’s creations.

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